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[External link] Hydrated sub-arc mantle : a source for the Kluchevskoy volcano, Kamchatka/Russia; 1-2 [Score: 100%]
Author / Editor: Dorendorf, Frank; Wiechert, Uwe; Wörner, Gerhard |  Place of publication: Amsterdam [u.a.] |  Publisher: Elsevier |  Year of Publication: 2000
Journal / Series / Collection: Earth and planetary science letters; 175
Subject Area: Geographie; Chemie und Pharmazie
[External link] Sources and fluids in the mantle wedge below Kamchatka, evidence from across-arc geochemical variation [Score: 100%]
Author / Editor: Churikova, T.; Dorendorf, Frank; Wörner, Gerhard |  Place of publication: Oxford |  Publisher: Oxford University Press |  Year of Publication: 2001
Journal / Series / Collection: Journal of petrology; 42
Subject Area: Chemie und Pharmazie; Physik

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